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Our Mission

Our mission is two-fold and simple:

  1. We provide a sanctuary for our animals.  Many of our animals are rescues, others are here to retire.  Whatever their story, we exist to provide them an exceptional retreat.  They receive medical attention and all the other necessities that make their life a happy one . When guests visit, they are encouraged to enjoy some one-on-one time with animals.

  2. We provide a retreat for guests to reconnect with nature, themselves, and their loved ones.  We are conveniently located in the outskirts of Exeter and are surrounded by walnut trees, olive trees, and orange groves.  This allows our guests to disconnect from their busy lives and get in touch with nature and each other. Even though we have all the commodities (wifi, hot water, ac/heater), many describe Hacienda de las Rosas as "an experience".  Many guests enjoy the neighboring national parks, but most decide to stay in and enjoy our farm animals.

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